Area6600 sqft
Studio LeadUmar Farooq, Syed hadi Bukhari

The house is located in dense fabric of suburbs of Rawalpindi. With plot size of 60’ x 65’, contains asymmetric corner boundaries. By given programs, it should be a two separate units divided vertically into three levels. A semi-open basement and ground floor works as single inhabitable unit for owner themselves, accessed from road-A. And the first floor should considered to be a separate accessed unite and so layout accordingly.

The floor overlapping developed under consideration to maximize and equal allotment of basic needs for their users like the Air, Light, ventilation and apertures for connecting outside, as well as maintain a healthy privacy between two different backgrounds of user.

The layout is in four parts, the Day, Night, services and circulation. The day spaces are placed at central part of the house with upfront horizontal slide of 5 feet to maintain a privacy and shading.

The structural design approach of the house was experimented towards monolithic independent frame skeleton which helps to build the whole footprint very quick and efficient, with very minimum materials wastage.  

The house seamlessly integrates with its surroundings, basic cuboids, single material and clean interloping of volumes. It’s a careful approach of architect to create rhythmic balance with surroundings full of cluttered, angles and lines. 

The use of monochromatic material lends a sense of permanence and timelessness to the design.