Top 10 best architects in Pakistan

Reputed architecture firms exist in various types, but one should give a shot to some of the best architects in Pakistan. Because of their amazing work and beautiful techniques to turns common places into heaven for their clients. An architect is a professional who is responsible for the design and construction of buildings and other structures.

Best Architects in Pakistan

Architects work with clients to determine their needs and preferences, and then create detailed plans and drawings that outline the design and layout of a building. Architects’ responsibility is not limited. People wishes to turns their homes into beautiful and wonderful places. The places where people can feel Comfortable and relax just like heavens.

For the sake of their best work, they have to deal with their clients to know about their demands, desires, and needs. The best architects in Pakistan fully cooperate with their clients to make them satisfied. That’s why their duty is not as simple as we assume.

For your easiness, we have collected the list of the top 10 architects in Pakistan so that you can choose easily after knowing about their nature of work and beautiful techniques. The list is in no particular order because we have featured a wide variety of architecture firms. Each firm stands out as an industry leader and the best architects in Pakistan. Just like there are many interior designers in Islamabad numerous architects are also doing their best work.

We highly recommend that you check out their galleries of past and present projects the innovative, modern, and often intrinsic designs are a pleasure to the eye. After checking their best work, you can select the right choice and the best architects in Pakistan. So, if you want to make your home, office, or any commercial place, you must check our list that contains complete information about the 10 best architects in Pakistan.

10. my4walls Omar Shad

Omar Shad is the managing director of my4walls.

Omar Shad is the managing director of my4walls. It is one of the best architects in Pakistan that leads real estate services. They provide small, medium, and large-sized businesses and construction companies. The scope of my4walls is very high because of their design, branding services, Construction Management, and Design development.

my4walls has a valuable team of in-house architects and designers, each with their own unique set of skills and expertise. They do their work with the best techniques that’s why people love their efforts which can easily see in their works. They create joyful yet functional architectural designs.

The firm has successfully designed some of the most renowned architectural structures in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and London. The work in that buildings shows their sense of love for modern yet Islamic architecture. Their works always attracted and wonder people from all over Pakistan.

9. Kamal Sinan

Kamal Sinan is the chairman of Archentire.

Kamal Sinan started his firm named Archentire. It is another of the best architects in Pakistan that leading their brand in architecture firms. This is the most recognized planning and design Consultancy in Pakistan.

Their highly skilled team members, motivated to dominate the market and redefine living standards on a local and global scale, always attract people to their work.

Archentire provides numerous services like designs, interior designs with their best interior designers, construction administration, master planning, project management services, and many more. Archentire works in environments that allow them to develop progressive architecture. They specialize in constructing commercial and residential buildings, retail stores, educational institutes, and cultural centers.

8. Majid Amirahmadi

Majid Amirahmadi is the owner of  International Architects Atelie.

Majid Amirahmadi is the Owner of the International Architects Atelier. Architects Atelier is one of the most recognized and famous architects in Pakistan. This company was founded to create a stunning and functional design to lessen the negative human impact on the environment. A company that wants to take care of its atmosphere, specifically, to reduce the carbon footprints caused by modern development over the last few decades.

They provide their clients best services like designs, interior designs, landscape architecture, built projects commercial and residential construction, etc. They use their different but unique style to turn a commonplace into a stunning, remarkable, and beautiful places.

7. Sadia and Ammar Associates

Sadia and Ammar Associates is the best architect firm.

Sadia and Ammar Associates is considered the most famous and best architects in Pakistan. This is an architectural and interior design company that completely collaborates with its clients. This company aims to provide their best services and make their homes more beautiful and relaxing places.

It is owned by two highly skilled personalities Ammar Javed and Sadia Ammar. Their services include Architecture, Engineering, and Interior design all by their company. Their work which includes Commercial, Hospitality, and Residential can be seen mostly in Lahore.

6. Yasmeen Lari

Yasmeen Lari is the first Pakistani architect.

If we talk about female Pakistani architects then how can it possible that we didn’t mention the name of Yasmeen Lari? She is the first female architect in Pakistan. Yasmin Lari made her name in architecture firms and is now recognized as the best architects in Pakistan.

She opened her Architecture firm laari association in Sindh, Pakistan. She is one of the best founders and current chairwoman of the Pakistani Chapter of the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism (INTBAU) created in 2018.

5. Abdur Rahman

Abdur Rahman  famous architects in Pakistan.

Abdur Rahman is another well-known and famous architects in Pakistan. Although he is not alive at present time his name is still included in the list of the top 10 architects in Pakistan. In 1959 he become the first Chief Architect in the west of Pakistan.

After that, he becomes the chief architect of the Government of Punjab after retirement he spent some years traveling and living in the USA. His excellent work and unique techniques made him the best architects in Pakistan till now.

4. Architect Arif Hassan

Architect Arif Hassan is the iconic of Pakistan.

Arif Hassan is another the iconic man who made his name in the best architects in Pakistan. He received Pakistan’s highest citizen award “Hilal e Imtiaz” because of his immense contribution in Pakistan. He started his journey from Karachi and now he recognized in whole country.

His firm has the best architects in Pakistan who work hard to satisfy their clients. They use different techniques and style while making any place. Their work of art always wonders the people.

3. Habib Fida Ali

Habib Fida Ali  is the most famous architect in Pakistan.

Habib Fida Ali is one of the pioneers and best architects in Pakistan. He also earned the title of “ARCHITECT OF PAKISTAN” due to his tireless effort in the architecture industry. He started his company in the year of 1965 and till now his team contributed to many projects. His has been awarded by
Agha Khan Award in 1986. He gave his services in Shell House where he won the first prize in 1976, SNGPL Head office located in Karachi, and Memon Medical Institute located in Karachi.

9. Nayar Ali Dada

Nayar Ali Dada is the no.1 architect in Pakistan.

Nayar Ali Dada is among the top 10 legendary architects in Pakistan. According to the Muslim world illustrated dictionary, he is the one who brings modern architecture to Pakistan. He also include Nayyar Ali Dada among the most famous and best architects in Lahore.”

Agha Khan Award was awarded him in 1998 and he received the Pride of Performance award in 1992. His immense struggle and brilliant ideas made him the best architect in Pakistan. He has done his services in Grand Jama Mosque located in Bahria town-Karachi, and Gaddafi Stadium located in Lahore.

1. UA studios

UA Studios takes pride in its unmatched expertise in architecture and interior design. Their team of expert architects and designers has years of experience in the industry. It has worked on a wide range of projects, from small residential designs to large commercial spaces.

We commit to staying up-to-date with the latest design trends,” is the active form of the given sentence. It ensures that its clients receive the best possible design solutions. Their expertise and attention to detail ensure that every project they work on is of the highest quality.

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