5 best home interior designers in Islamabad

When our living space is concerned about enhancement and wonderful places the best home interior designers step forward to provide us with the best experiences. Home interior designers tend to find new yet sophisticated solutions for their clients. They not only take into account the demands and desires of clients but also make them sure about their own interior designs. There are various home interior designers in Islamabad that offers the best Architectural design services as well as the most beautiful and excellent design for houses.

The companies offering interior design are mostly architectural firms that deal with this aspect as well. Additionally, their architects have numerous wonderful skills and techniques to turn out a simple place into a stunning and elegant space with creativity. Moreover, they have a broad range of services such as exterior designs, interior designs, home decorations, and the best services in planning, engineering, project management, and architectural rendering.
Their ability to create immensely beautiful work in collaboration with their clients has earned them the reputation of being the best home interior designers in Islamabad. They provide the best solutions for their customers and also maintain their relationship with them in terms of their professional and economical compromises.

Best Home interior designers in Islamabad:

Home Interior designers work as a team in collaboration with architects, engineers, and contractors. They work hard just to meet the needs of their clients with excellent interior design services. “If you’re interested in hiring the best home interior designers in Islamabad, then you’ve come to the right place.”

Because we are going to list the top home interior designers that will surely persuade you because of their professional and wonderful work. So, let’s start to talk about 5 best home interior designers in Islamabad along with their contact details to request quotations and consultation.

5. Decor Klub

Decor Klub started its career with the idea to make different beautiful spaces for those who want to make their homes more beautiful yet excellent. They intended to make homes just like a comfort zone for their clients. They believe that homes are considered the most relaxing and comfortable spaces that should be organized into stunning and wonderful places.

That’s why their architects take on residential projects, from designing a newly constructed house to renovating the already existing one. They have an experienced and professional design team with an attractive portfolio to take ideas. Additionally, they provide numerous services in Islamabad, such as interior and exterior designs, project management, residential construction, and other wonderful services. So, you can contact them if you want to make your home an ideal space for experiencing more relaxation.

4. ArcoDesk

ArcoDesk;s best deign in the picture.

If we talk about the best architects companies in Islamabad then we must include ArcoDesk in our list. ArcoDesk is a Pakistan-based firm that provides the best Architectural services. This is considered the best home interior designer in Islamabad because of its best interior and exterior designs. They have a group of magnificent skills and techniques with creativity that are eligible to turn common places into heaven for their clients.
This firm is not only limited to home interior designs, they also specialize in both residential and commercial projects. They offer exclusive services to their clients that are perfectly suited to their demands and desires.

Top services of Acro Desk:

AcroDesk offers numerous services like Architecture Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Structure Design, Town Planning, and project management. That’s why they are considered the best Architectural design services in Islamabad.

3. Ailtire’s Design Studio

Ailtire’s Design Studio's beautiful interior design is in the picture.

The reason for so much fame and publicity of Ailtire’s Design Studio is all about their high-quality work and excellent architectural design with completely brilliant techniques. Ailtire’s Design Studio is considered the best home interior designer in Islamabad because they satisfy their clients with outstanding personalized care from initial conceptual design to construction administration.

They have a team of experienced and professional architects who leaves no stone unturned regarding renovation, recoveries, and makeovers. They provide numerous services starting from initial concept plans till the final execution of the project including construction and interior finishing.

Services are included:

  • Residential, commercial, and institutional interior designing
  • Architecture design
  • Design Consultancy
  • Construction management
  • Landscape
  • Conceptual work

2. Farq architects and interior designers

The picture is showing the amazing design of Farq architects and interior designers.

The “Farq” group of Architects & Interior designers are very famous in Islamabad providing services since 2011. Now they have fame just because of their immensely beautiful work and elegant architectural design services. Their team is comprised of brilliant, well-educated, and talented young architects, contractors, engineers, suppliers, and designers who follow the innovative line of work.

They got huge popularization in such a short time period. And it’s about their unique, stylish, highly beautiful, and eye-catching design services. They are not only famous home interior designers in Islamabad but also provide their services all across Pakistan.

Their Services are included:

  • Architectural planning
    Interior design
    Security Construction
    engineering services
    3D Modeling

1. UA studios

UA studios are now the most amazing and popular firm in Islamabad.

If we talk about the best home interior designers in Islamabad then UA Studios comes at the No.1 position. This firm is not only famous in Islamabad but all across the country. So, If you are looking for a highly professional company that will provide you with exceptional services at such a budget-friendly cost can surely contact them.

AA Penthouse interior by UA Studios, best interior designers in Islamabad

Some of the services given by the firm include architectural designs, interior designs, master planning, urban design, and project management. They have a team that works professionally and completely collaborates with their clients. Their team satisfies their clients regarding their desires to build a perfect home for them. You can view some of their brilliantly finished projects from their portfolio on their website.

They provide numerous services in Islamabad that are included:

  • Interior Designs
    exterior designs
    commercial projects
    residential construction
    Landscape Design
    Construction Administration
    Cost Estimating
    Consultancy services
    Design-Build Services
    Fire Protection System
    Communications systems and many more. Isn’t it impressive?

People also ask:

questions about the best home interior designers in Islamabad

How do I choose an interior designer for my house?

Choosing an interior designer for your house can be a difficult task, but there are a few steps you can take to make the process easier and more effective. Here are some tips:

  • Determine your style and goals
  • Do your research
  • Ask about their process and fees
  • Set up a meeting
  • Check their portfolio

How much should an interior designer charge?

Interior designers will usually put together a fee proposal for their services, based on the overall budget for your project. 

How much does a modern bedroom interior design cost?

As a rule of thumb, an interior designer can charge anywhere from 5-20% of the overall 1 BHK flat interior design cost.

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